Not Too Young To Perform (NTYTP) Leadership Development Advocacy, registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria (RC Number: 6924356), is a younger generation driven youth movement committed to raising new generations of younger leaders across the country.

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Is to raise younger political leaders to take up leadership positions, whether elected or appointed, with a view to outperforming those who were in office before them, and to ensure transparency and accountability in governance.


Is to encourage, train and empower young people to aspire for elective office, with exceptional performance as only reason to contest elections, and to support young aspirants, identity and celebrate performing youths in public office.


To encourage young people in the society to aspire to lead in any chosen career or profession.

To advocate for the rights of young citizens to participate in nation building.

To promote love and unity among the people and to identity and celebrate performing young persons in private and public offices.

To organise community empowerment programmes and community services.

To serve as a uniting forum for Nigerian youths at home and abroad.

To support the less privileged, widows and orphans.

To establish and maintain charitable organisation, to support or carryout poverty alleviation programmes and to build skill acquisition centres for the purpose of training members.

To promote and enlighten the people and give voice to the voiceless.

To organise street meetings, open air meetings, including radio and television broadcast, and online meetings of the Association.

To conduct workshops, seminars, symposium, Public Lectures and the like for members and interested members of the society.

To orientate the youths on the need to embrace initiatives that will enable them discover and develop their potentials.

To promote patriotism and democracy among young Nigerian people.

To promote peace and harmonious coexistence among all ethnic nationalities in Nigeria.

To advocate for rights of citizens to good governance and encourage leaders to do more for the benefit of all citizens irrespective of tribe, status, religious or political affiliation.

To promote transparency and accountability in governance.

To promote education, ethical conducts and development.

To advocate against all forms of violence, especially electoral violence and thuggery.

To collaborate or partner with other groups and agencies with similar or complimentary aims and objectives.

To collaborate or partner with other group(s) with similar or complimentary aims and objectives.