Our Core Mandate

To raise younger generation of leaders to take up leadership positions in all sectors, including political offices, whether elected or appointed, with a view to outperforming those who were in office before them, and to ensure transparency and accountability in leadership.

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About Us

Not Too Young To Perform (NTYTP) Leadership Development Advocacy, registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria (RC Number: 6924356), is a young people-driven pro-democracy group, promoting youth participation in politics, patriotism, social justice and good governance. We undoubtedly committed to raising young innovative leaders who shall through exceptional performance in public office (whether appointed or elected) re-define good governance in Nigeria. With state chapters already established in all the state in Nigeria, the Not Too Young To Perform (NTYTP) movement is rapidly expanding into the grassroots, with international chapters birthing across the globe.

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We encourage the young people in the society to aspire and run for any position.

We advocate for the rights of qualified young citizens to vote and be voted for.

We organise community empowerment programmes and other community service.

We establish and maintain charitable organisation, to support or carry out poverty alleviation programmes and build skill acquisition centres in parts of the country.

Call to Action

Welcome to a New Nigeria where the youths are set to Reshape Democracy and take up leadership responsibilities!
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